RASTER® Technology

Our modern automatic punching and forming machines of the RASTER® Technology brand offer press forces from 400 kN to 4000 kN as standard. We can also realise higher pressing forces for special requirements. Our eccentric presses feature a longitudinal shaft drive mounted on anti-friction bearings and a robust three-part cast frame.

This is how RASTER® Technology defines punching and forming technology.

Our two press series:
RST highest stroke rates for each tonnage through full mass compensation
RSU powerful planetary gear drive for long forming distances

Drive concepts:
+ Conventional flywheel drive
+ ServoMotion – driven by direct drive with planetary gear unit

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In addition, we offer accident prevention inspections in accordance with § 14 BetrSichV (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health).


Radiator fins, rotor/stator assemblies, stamped and formed parts of all kinds, deep-drawn parts, washers, chain link plates, ball cages


Perfect tool handling

Discover outstanding tool handling solutions that can be used not only for presses, but also for a wide range of other systems.

Areas of application

+ Tool changing system on mechanical and hydraulic presses, on automatic punching and forming machines, on transfer and indexing lines and on special machines

+ Workpiece changing system on turning, drilling, milling and special machines

+ Feeding device on production lines

+ Extension to existing handling equipment such as crane systems or stacking vehicles


The Premat-program consists of the following components:

Components for tool changing

+ Hydraulic roller inserts

+ Hydraulic ball inserts

+ Spring-loaded ball inserts

+ Spring-loaded single ball inserts

Components for clamping

+ Hydromechanical lever clamps

+ Hydromechanical tension clamp

+ Tool clamping bars

+ Double-T clamping bars

Components for transportation

+ Tool carriers

+ Tool trolleys, mechanical - electrical - rail-mounted

+ Tool changing pallets


+ Hydraulic units, manual - air-driven - electric

+ Assembly accessories

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