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Rely on our first-class service to keep your equipment in top condition and increase your productivity.

Machine service

Technical support

Our customer service is your direct line to fast and competent help. If you have technical problems, questions or other concerns, our friendly and experienced team is there to help you. We offer effective solutions to keep your systems functioning optimally all the time.


Für Räummaschinen

Mr. Frank Brecht
Telephone: +49 160 8805876

Für Stanz- und Umformautomaten

Mr. Robert Keller
Telephone: +49 160 8285104


Based on our many years of experience, we can get any machine up and running again.


Our experts support you in the maintenance and servicing of your systems. Our qualified team of technicians and specialists ensures the smooth operation of your machines, maximises the life of your investment and thus increases its profitability.


With our retrofit service, we bring your existing systems up to the latest state-of-the-art technology. Increase the performance and reliability of your machines in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Spare parts supply

Our comprehensive spare parts supply ensures that you receive the parts you need quickly and reliably. With a dedicated team and a large supplier network, we ensure that your equipment is quickly ready for use again.


Our team of experts offers customized training courses tailored to your needs. Whether operator or maintenance training, we are at your side with practical knowledge.

Tools Service

Sharpening service & maintenance

Wear is part of the process, solutions are our profession. From the brand-new tool to the final regrind – we guarantee consistent, top-quality broaching.

We offer you:
+ Analysis of the tool condition with regard to wear characteristics
+ Tool maintenance for maximum process reliability
+ Stable broaching processes through quality assurance at the highest level
+ Professional regrinding for longer service life and tool life
+ Consistent workpiece quality through professional sharpening service
+ Comprehensive tool management to safeguard your production

Pick-up and delivery service

We come to you. Within a radius of 150 km, we pick up your tools for sharpening and return them after machining. This keeps your production on the move all the time.

Trust in our expertise – we keep your tools in tip-top condition.